About RTS on iTunes U

RTS on iTunes U in Late 2006 RTS on iTunes U in October 2009 RTS on iTunes U in May 2011 RTS on iTunes U in the iTunes Store, August 2007

The RTS on iTunes U story began in early 2006. At that time, the RTS Virtual Campus was exploring ways to offer select course materials for free to the general public. We started hearing more and more about a new education initiative coming out of Apple, Inc. called iTunes U. After researching this program and hearing Apple's vision for it, it seemed like the perfect fit for what we were looking to do. In May 2006, RTS on iTunes U became a reality.

Over the next year, much was done to cast the vision for RTS on iTunes U, and the lectures for one course, Systematic Theology I with Dr. Douglas F. Kelly, were made available for free. On June 1, 2007, things forever changed for RTS on iTunes U. That day, free lectures were made available for nearly every RTS Virtual course. This meant that people around the world could download and listen to an entire Master's-level seminary program wherever they happened to be. In August 2007, RTS on iTunes U was one of twenty initial programs to be included in the main iTunes Store. This significantly increased the public awareness of RTS on iTunes U, and download numbers began growing steadily.

In August 2008, after being in the iTunes Store for about a year, RTS on iTunes U celebrated its one millionth download. Ten months later, in June 2009, we reached two million downloads. Four months later, in October 2009, RTS on iTunes U would eclipse three million.

It's been a remarkable journey so far, and we are constantly reminded of the goodness and grace of God in opening the doors that allowed us to participate in the iTunes U program and in continuing to bless our efforts in trying to get solid, biblical and theological training materials into the far reaches of the globe. We're also encouraged by hearing from people like you! We receive many emails telling us how RTS on iTunes U materials are being used and how they are blessing Christians (and non-Christians!) all over the world. If you would like to share your story with us, please click the Contact link in the top menubar. We'd love to hear from you!

RTS on iTunes U By the Numbers

  • 5+ Years of Free Content
  • 41 Full Audio Courses
  • 100+ Collections of Content
  • 1,800+ Total Learning Assets
  • 9,000,000 Downloads and Counting!